Watchman/Minister Raymond D. Sopp: All Watchmen in the Bible would warn of pending judgment, but they also made the “why” the most important subject. However, the modern Watchman forgets the “why” as the “why” always pointed to the people who professed to be His, which in turn, would make them very unpopular; yes, just as all the Watchmen and Prophets were in the Word of God.

Yet, as with the prophets of old, my heart also breaks as I see so many turn away. As it’s written, the way is truly narrow to salvation and so few seem to find it. Therefore, this ministry endeavors to reach the more than seven billion people in this world with God’s Gospel message – along with His admonishments and warnings. Yes, even if just a few are willing to listen; after all, that’s the way it was with the prophets of old, yet God’s heart of mercy demands His Gospel message and warnings to go out as He wishes for none to perish as His horrific judgment draws near.

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