Almighty God is Love: Can there be only one way?

Come let us reason together: At the beginning Adam deliberately chose to disobey Almighty God’s instruction and eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – in essence, he decided to be as god and he would decide for himself what is good and what is evil; this decision mimicked Satan’s rebellion in heaven to displace Almighty God from His throne to make it his – becoming as god. Therefore, Adam moved into Satan’s kingdom of rebellion; mankind now inherited Adam’s rebellion. Who can save mankind from Satan’s kingdom of rebellion back into God’s kingdom – God’s rule?

Beginning with Abraham, God made it abundantly clear that He needed to supply His own sacrifice. (Genesis: 22:1-8) Out of the wilderness, God began to show that the sacrifice had to be without a blemish, however even an unblemished animal would only cover sin for a limited time – not remove it. Abraham’s son could not be that sinless sacrifice, but God’s only Son could be the sinless sacrifice to completely and permanently remove the inherited sin from mankind.

Like Adam, God’s only Son needed to be tempted; however, He chose to obey God the Father so God the Son remained unblemished; yes, now God was able to supply His own sacrifice to redeem mankind – allowing mankind to be reborn from a heart of rebellion and replace it with his Holy Spirit to obedience; however, mankind’s unredeemed flesh remained to battle against mankind’s reborn spirit – a spirit desiring only God’s will, this born-again experience could only happen by accepting God’s way to redeem mankind through His Son’s sacrifice – through God’s unblemished Lamb – through God the Son.

We know God the Father accepted God the Son’s sacrifice when the Holy Spirit fell first upon His disciples – symbolized by the holy fire falling upon their heads in the upper room. I also know when I was born-again by taking (by faith only) the first step of obedience by accepting God’s way of salvation; only then I knew for sure my salvation as the Holy Spirit within me gave witness; in other words, I now had a new heart desiring obedience by being redeemed into God’s Kingdom.

There are some who have no assurance of being redeemed unless they sacrifice themselves, however, by having no assurance of being redeemed they show that they know within their hearts that they are blemished which God showed over and over again that only an unblemished sacrifice would be accepted and if anyone attempted to use a blemished sacrifice died without pity. Foolish one, how can you ignore the obvious. God is now knocking on the door of your heart – let Him in now, because as it’s written, He will not strive with mankind forever.

This watchman recently saw the hammer of the clock move back a little more; how much more can the hammer move back before it’s released to strike the clock’s chime for the twelfth and last time? No one knows; however, I do know when the hammer is released it will strike the chime in the twinkle of an eye. Today is the day of salvation as the door will soon be closed so Almighty God’s judgment can resume on a rebellious world.

How can God show more love toward mankind by leaving heaven – supplying Himself as an unblemished sacrifice to redeem mankind? How can mankind show more contempt toward Almighty God by saying, I will decide my own way of redemption?

Watchman Raymond D. Sopp


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