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Grief Process!

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Just a thought: I wanted to share with all of you a response that I sent to a dear friend. I feel that we, as God’s earthly Ambassadors, need to rethink some things concerning this word, process.

Knowing that my friend was hurt deeply, yet innocent, i.e., did not deserve the pain and abuse that were afflicted, nonetheless, how much more could Jesus say the same thing.

I know I’m going to sound very unfeeling – uncaring – cold and hardhearted, but to the contrary, I actually care so much that I’m willing to be vilified in your eyes for the sake of the truth. I also know I’m not being very diplomatic, but I believe time is too short for me to be so with you, or even to my own fleshly desires as I look into the mirror of God’s awesome holiness.

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My friend, I do understand, yet it is also written that we are a new creation in Christ Jesus.

My example to follow after is Jesus Himself. Through excruciating overwhelming grief, He never lost sight of reflecting His heavenly Father in both word and deed. I could also say the same for the Apostle Paul. Therefore, we must also have that same objective, that is, if His spirit is now dwelling within us. Or, do we choose to manipulate God’s Holy Word to validate us not reflecting our Lord for a period of time – for a time to process?

Easy? No! Denying ourselves and taking up our cross daily is no easy task. Yet, although I found it to be the hardest road I’ve ever traveled – I also found it to be the most blessed as well.

The Church in every way today is reflecting the world. Does that not indicate that we are doing something very wrong? Yes! If so, let’s throw out the old way of thinking and take a fresh second look at the Holy Scriptures – saying to ourselves, show me not my way, Lord, but Your way.

We must give no room for our flesh to wallow in self-pity while people are going to hell. Since the Church is called to be Jesus’ earthly Ambassadors, where else will the lost hear about or see Jesus – their only hope of salvation? We who call ourselves “God’s Church” must get this right in these last of the Last Days.

Time is too short! Therefore, let’s just eliminate the word “process” from our vocabulary and move into the very high calling of God in Christ Jesus. If we don’t, then where is our light – our saltiness during this time we use to process? Where is the Gospel? Where is the Great Commission? Since we do not know for sure the time or hour, would it not be wise for the servant to always be about his Master’s work? If the Master returned suddenly, would it be a good thing to tell the Master that you could not be about His business because you were in the middle of some kind of a process? Would it not be better, and Scriptural, just to nail your hurt – your grief – your grievances to the cross and get on with the Master’s business – the salvation of mankind? Is that not a better reflection of Jesus? Is that not being salt and light to a dying world? Is that not our collective calling?

That said, this can only be accomplished in the power of the Holy Spirit, ergo, to God be the glory! God bless you. Minister Raymond D. Sopp

Prayer: Father, may You completely equip us with Your Holy Spirit in these last of the Last Days in order to fully fulfill Your will and calling in and through our lives. May Your Holy Spirit be in – be upon – be beside us every moment of every day according to Your will – according to Your Word. In Jesus’ name! Amen and Amen!

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