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The Awaited Birth:

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

As God’s Watchman the following is not from me, but from He who sent me, so please take heed: Starting on the beginning of Rosh Hashanah (September 24-25, 2014), I see a great pit opening up – spewing forth a great darkness upon the earth which will cover the hearts and minds of mankind – causing all to believe a delusion, because they did not love the truth: The great lie – the great delusion that mankind can save themselves through a religious philosophy – through the works of a philosophy; causing them to believe that there are many ways of salvation – that the path of salvation is broad and not narrow; to believe the broad path of lies will lead to salvation, instead of Almighty God’s narrow path of the truth – deliberately forgetting the written truth: That in the face of Almighty God’s holiness, mankind’s righteousness is as filthy rags – vile – even nauseating, which necessitated Almighty God the Son’s sacrifice to open the veil to heaven for mankind through a spiritual rebirth. For as it’s written, no one will see the Kingdom of God unless they’re born-again. Sorry, even if you’re a martyr for a religion – a martyr for a religious philosophy by any name, it will NOT open up the veil – open the door to heaven for you. Why? Because, if you die for any faith with the fallen spirit you were born with, your works – even being martyred for your faith – being martyred for a faith by any name will NOT save you.

As of September 24-25, 2014, the birth pains will change to the labor pain of imminent birth – the coming to power of the anti-christ and his false prophet. They will come to birth through earthly chaos by offering peace – a peace which will last until the anti-christ proclaims himself as god, and then, sudden destruction – God’s wrath will fall upon mankind.

It’s written that no one will know the exact time, but we will know the season: Today I’m proclaiming to you as God’s Watchman that the season of the actual labor pain of imminent birth is upon us, therefore, can the end of the Church age and the seven years of the Great Tribulation be far off? Today is the day of salvation – NOT tomorrow, because whether it’s by Rapture or by physical death NO one is guaranteed a tomorrow.

With this in mind, may I humbly ask you – at the very least, to prayerfully read or reread the chapter from our book: The Tragedy of Being LEFT-BEHIND! If you don’t have a copy of our book, The Portrait of a Christian, just click on the chapter’s title to read it.

Please understand, whether you’re a professing Christian or not, you now have been warned: If you do not love the truth of Almighty God’s sacrifice for your spiritual rebirth, you will face the eternal separation from Almighty God in the Lake of Fire – for works do not have the power to make alive that which is dead – your spirit. Will you continue to shake your fist in Almighty God’s face – saying within your heart: I will be my own god and determine for myself what is evil and what is good – I will determine the way best for me – the religion which is right for me. If so, you’re actually seeking the anti-christ, and you will believe the delusion and embrace what the Holy Scriptures call eternal death and suffering away from Almighty God.

You say this cannot be the loving God I’ve heard about; there cannot be a Lake of Fire for eternity. Well there is because Almighty God is holy, which is why, being motivated by His love for mankind, left heaven to suffer the cross so we could accept His sacrifice and be born-again – supernaturally made spiritually alive to God. Do you honestly think a fallen man or even an angel could redeem – could cause such a miracle of spiritual rebirth to take place? If so, what a great delusion you have embraced.

The hour is at hand: Choose you THIS day whom you will follow! Little god, will you follow mankind’s – Satan’s – broad way of lies and by default follow the anti-christ, or will you humbly accept Almighty God’s way – Almighty God’s sacrifice for your miracle of rebirth?

A Watchman Cries Out,
Minister Raymond D. Sopp