Prophecy and Prayer Request:

Although it would take away from this ministry, about four weeks ago I was considering a part time job. I sought our Lord for direction. Over those few days as I was seeking Him, I have never felt such a heaviness – a solemnness in His answer. Four times in different ways and through different people, His message to me was the same: “If I do not warn the people, their blood will be on my hands.” Needless to say, doing anything else is just not an option for me anymore.

Shortly thereafter, during this last National Day of Prayer, our Lord seemed to tell me that this nation, and this world in general, have gone past the point of no return. Although, the individual will still have an opportunity to be saved, this world will be going from bad to worse very quickly now. Surely, His return for His bride cannot be far off. Please continue to keep me and this ministry in your prayers, because even if I take my eyes off our Lord for even a second, I begin to sink with a heavy heart as I see more and more people turn away with a deaf ear – unwilling to hear what God is saying.

Thank you and God bless you,
Minister Raymond D. Sopp