A Warning for 2011!

Emailed: December 30, 2010

For about six weeks I’ve had a very heavy heart. Or to say it in another way, I’ve been feeling very brokenhearted. So much so, even my emotions have been very close to the surface as well — tearing up very easily. Although I’ve had a general sense as to why, I just could not see the entire picture clearly enough to share it with all of you until now.

Everything came into focus for me when God gave me a Scripture after I spent my customary extra time in prayer on Sunday morning. With the Scripture, everything just fell into place. I now could understand not only the heaviness I’ve been feeling, but also why I had trouble seeing it clearly enough to share with all of you. I simply did not have all the “pieces” until now, because the time was not right until now; therefore, as we move into 2011, we need to take what is said below very seriously.

Recently I was in a church service and I could not sense the presence of God’s Holy Spirit at all. I mean NOT at all! I was literally startled, because I should have felt God’s presence in this church. Yes, everything on the outside seemed okay and Scripture was indeed read; yet, I felt so uncomfortable that I could not get out of there fast enough. The unmitigated alienation of God’s Holy Spirit I felt was such a real and overwhelmingly powerful experience to me, I just wanted to cry out like Jesus did on the cross just before His death (Matthew 27:46).

The Scripture God placed upon my heart was from Genesis 6:3, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever.” (NASB) Knowing that God said this just before His global judgment — well, let’s just say it adds all the more to its implications. I believe with all my heart God has been not only telling me, but also showing me that He is beginning to remove His Holy Spirit in the midst of this end-time apostasy and the void will be filled with a very powerful delusion, because mankind did not love the truth. It definitely appears that 2011 will be a significant turning point in God’s timetable as to His dealings with mankind. This is a very serious change, please do not take this warning lightly.

That said, this is not about when the end will come, but that we are living in very dangerous and deceptive times. Please, I beg you, you need to make sure you’re ready — your lamps are full — that you’re genuinely born-again from within with God’s Holy Spirit. When? NOW! Why? Because God’s Spirit — the Holy Spirit shall not strive with man forever.

For those of you who are in a church leadership position, and as such will be held to a much stricter judgment, well all I can say is, please make sure you search your own heart carefully as well, and in every way stay alert. And please, I beg you to take this warning extra seriously — for the delusion will be very powerful (Matthew 24:24-25).

May I humbly and strongly suggest to everyone to read or reread the chapters in my book, The Portrait of a Christian, titled: Satan, Disguised as an Angel of Light and The Truth Shall Make You Free and Be Not Ignorant of Satan’s Schemes. (You can also read the chapters online for free as my “Heart-to-Heart” commentaries.) Also, I would very strongly suggest to you to read or reread my Blog post titled: A Dire Warning!

This was very hard for me to write, and I remain literally and extremely brokenhearted, because I truly know and understand how dangerous and serious the implications are of what I wrote. Yet, who will give heed to my words? Would you please give this Email to everyone you know?

Finally, God told me not to reveal to anyone the church I mentioned above, because this is not about “a” church, but it’s about ALL churches in general; so please, don’t even ask. Besides, in actuality the real Church is just a gathering of saved born-again individuals; therefore, you as the Church — as an individual you need to make sure your lamp is full of oil (Holy Spirit) and the wick is trimmed of ash (flesh) so you’re burning bright every day with God’s light for the rest of your life — however long that may be. As it’s written, stay awake, alert and ready at ALL times for no one knows the exact time of our Lord’s return!

From my heart to yours,
Minister Raymond D. Sopp

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