The Year 2012!

With the year 2012 now upon us, interest concerning End Times has reached a fever pitch both within the secular community and the Church at-large. However, because of God’s calling upon my life as His watchman our precious Lord has laid this message upon my heart first to the professing Christian and then to whomever is willing to listen:

Many professing Christians, if not most, are spending their time and money searching for insight when the church age will come to a close and the Great Tribulation will begin. The question my Lord has placed upon my heart to ask the Church at-large is: WHY? It is written that no one will know the exact time or hour. That said, we are told we will know the season, i.e., when the time is near; therefore, the question we must now ask ourselves is why will we know when the end of the church age is near.

Are we to know when it’s near so we can get ready to hunker down in a custom-built bunker? No, because it’s written that during the Great Tribulation there will be no place to hide. Are we to know when it’s near so we can store up treasures on earth – our finances so we can make it through? No, because it’s written people will be throwing their gold and silver into the streets, and try to hide themselves – even asking the rocks to fall upon them to hide them from God’s wrath. Are we to know it’s near so we can store up food and water in order to survive? No, because there will be only a 50% chance you’ll even live long enough to partake of your storehouse of food and water.

So again, why are we to know the season? It’s so we can step up our efforts with the Gospel message as we see the time approach – which is the ONLY answer to the Great Tribulation – to God’s wrath. Which leads me to ask, are we seeing a new urgency within the Church at-large concerning the Gospel? Sadly the answer is no! Actually, I’m seeing just the opposite. Oh, I see great joy and enthusiasm within the Church at-large as they seek escape from the Great Tribulation and in seeking to get their general needs met, i.e., a self-seeking – a self-serving Church. Is this not the same reaction we would expect to see from the secular community? Unfortunately, yes! Offended yet? (Galatians 1:6-10)

If the majority of the Church at-large was truly born-again with God’s Holy Spirit would there not be tears for the lost along with a new sense of urgency from within our hearts for the lost as we see the time – the season approach? Why? Because if we have truly experienced this miracle of being born-again unto salvation, well, we would know within our hearts that without a shadow of a doubt that there’s only one way to be saved and that way is through God’s salvation plan, Jesus. With a broken heart, and I do mean with a broken heart, I do not see the tears nor the sense of urgency for the lost within the Church at-large. Of course there are the exceptions, but by simple observation the exceptions are at best a very small percentage.

For those of us who are genuinely concerned for the lost may I humbly remind you that we do indeed have a commission from our Lord regarding the Gospel message – and by our born-again heart (spirit) also have a genuine desire within to give the Gospel message to everyone, but only God can open the eyes of someone to see their need for God’s salvation. Therefore, we must always ask God the Holy Spirit to do the work of conviction as we tell people the Gospel (good news) of Almighty God. There is no pamphlet – no methodology – no technique – no wisdom – no argument which can take the place of the convicting power of God the Holy Spirit. And of course, how can we ever hope to have the strength we need to take up our cross and deny ourselves without our heavenly Father’s – Almighty God’s strength. Yes, in all things to God be the glory!

And you (we) must not be surprised if people get angry and try to hurt you – even kill you, because the self-righteous will always violently resist God the Holy Spirit’s conviction of sin, thereby, rejecting Almighty God. This is what is called in Holy Scriptures as blaspheming the Holy Spirit, which is the only sin which cannot be forgiven. Why? Because the self-righteous will see no reason for God needing to supply Himself as a sacrificial Lamb (Jesus) for their sins, because in their eyes there are many ways of redemption – many ways (paths) unto salvation. Yes, they remain entrenched in mankind’s original sin: Saying to Almighty God, I have the knowledge of good and evil and I will determine for myself the right way – I will be like God and supply (be) my own sacrifice through self-martyrdom (works). That’s right, the heart of mankind has not changed since the fall of mankind; which is why we must have a change of heart (spirit) through the supernatural miracle of being born-again from above through God’s power – through His awesome salvation plan, Jesus.

As I was seeking God in prayer if the above message was from Him or not, He confirmed it to me in many ways. One of the ways He did was to lead me to reread the chapter in my book, The Portrait of a Christian, titled The Sound of the Trumpet; and He did it in a way which I could not ignore so I know without a shadow of a doubt that the above message to the Church is from God Himself; so please, I beg you, to take what I said above very seriously. And may I strongly suggest to you to prayerfully read or reread the chapter from my book as well.

The Sound of the Trumpet: Click Here

Finally, may I humbly remind you of what I wrote on our main web page as I believe it fits in very well with what I wrote above: “As God’s watchman the only purpose this ministry has is the salvation of souls both within and outside the ‘Church’ at-large. Therefore, this ministry will stay focused on delivering a narrow message – a message that will be both thought provoking and challenging. A message that will cause people to examine themselves (2 Corinthians 13:5) to see if they’re truly born-again with God’s Holy Spirit from within – to a true and biblical salvation, a salvation that not only has temporal implications, but eternal implications as well. Messages that will also help people remain in the vine so they may be fruitful – yes, even a light which the world cannot put out.”

From my Heart to yours,
Minister Raymond D. Sopp