The End of the Age!

I quoted Genesis 6:3 in the Blog post below titled, A Warning for 2011: “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever.” I also mentioned in the Blog post that I was in a church service which I could not sense the presence of God’s Holy Spirit at all. What I experienced was so real to me that it profoundly affected me to where all I could think about since was to blow my trumpet of warning as loud as I could – into as many ears as I could – as quickly as I could. Since the time of that Blog post until now we have reached more than 350,000 people worldwide through paid outreach alone, even though to do so I had to increase this ministry’s indebtedness greatly; yet, as God’s watchman, I could not be apathetic to God’s warning of looming danger within the Church at-large by remaining silent.

During the past two years I’ve been seeing what I wrote about in the Blog post fulfilled in two ways: First, a complete rejection by many professing Christians to the message of warning, and second, by means of apathy; by apathy I mean those who hear and shake their heads yes, but then walk away forgetting what they heard – reflected by an unchanged lifestyle and/or by remaining unchanged in overall priorities. I have also been seeing this hardening within hearts happen with greater intensity as we moved through 2012. Seeing these things just breaks my heart!

It is amazing to me how focused the professing Christian is concerning the signs of the End Times, yet at the same time, so willing to ignore the end-time description of the Church at-large in God’s Word: An apostate Church which stands away from the true faith – standing away from understanding that the Gospel is only about the absolute need of mankind to be born-again with God’s Spirit, because from birth our spirit is born dead to God and His ways, consequently, it is absolutely impossible to save ourselves; yes, an end-time apostate Church which becomes so lukewarm, as it’s written, it makes God vomit.

Remember, at the beginning of the Church-age with the appearance and death of God’s Son, Jesus, it was the religious community who thought they were okay and belonged to God, yet, Jesus told them that they were nothing more than blind guides for the blind. But rather then humbly taking a moment to prayerfully look into their own hearts, they completely rejected the message and sought to kill the messenger, Jesus. Does not God’s Word warn the professing Christian that it will be the same way with most of the Church at-large at the end of the Church age? God help us!

As God’s watchman, there are just two things I must do: First, warn professing Christians to examine themselves to see if they’re genuinely born-again from above as spoken of in 2 Corinthians 13:5. Second, to give people a way – a spiritual mirror so they can examine themselves through Holy Spirit inspired writings; which is why when I published my “Heart-to-Heart” commentaries I titled my book, The Portrait of a Christian. That said, since it was God who called me and equipped me: To God be ALL the glory!

For the past six weeks, or so, I’ve been experiencing something so profound from my Lord that it makes what I experienced at the end of 2010 as nothing. I’ve been experiencing a silence from heaven so profound I could hear a pin drop (a sign of pending judgment), along with a sense of an exponential increasing of evil’s power as never before. Honestly, I’ve been feeling so troubled within my heart, I’ve been in a state of constant prayer. The silence from heaven is so profound, well, this may just be the last message God gives me to give to the professing Christian – to the Church at-large. Yes, even as God made it profoundly clear to me at the end of 2010: “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever.”

That said, I will continue until the end to reach as many ears as I can – as quickly as I can for no one is guaranteed a tomorrow; yes, even if most are unwilling to respond to this watchman’s warning: Today is the day to humbly pray for discernment – for wisdom before midnight comes and your lamp runs out of oil (Holy Spirit) causing what light you now have to go out and the door is shut. (Matthew 25:1-13) May those who have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying!

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From my Heart to yours,
Minister Raymond D. Sopp