A Grave and Present Danger:

The true calling of a Watchman: A Watchman’s roll is to give a warning to his peers, which in my case is the professing Christian; a warning is given in advance to his peers of a grave and present danger. What is this grave and present danger? It is written, in that Day there will be a great falling away – a standing away from the faith: The absolute need and the simplicity of the Gospel of Almighty God for the philosophy (religion) of Christianity, which in turn will lead to the acceptance of all other philosophies of religions, i.e., there are many ways of salvation – many works of salvation.

That said, I’m giving a warning as loud and as clearly as I can: I awoke this Saturday morning to my radio hearing yet again excerpts from the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu’s, speech given to the joint session of our congress; only this time I felt the presence of Almighty God in a way I have seldom felt. This is indeed the last call – this is the year which, The Writing is on the Wall (see below). Will you please examine yourself to see if the Holy Spirit is within you (2 Corinthians 13:5), that you’re genuinely born-again through Almighty God’s salvation plan, Jesus, and not just following a religious philosophy.

Over many years, I’ve been led by the Holy Spirit to give you a way to do so – if you take it seriously from your heart: On the Internet I have given you my commentaries at no charge, and I have also published my commentaries in a book and as an ebook (The Portrait of a Christian) to make it as easy as possible for you to read. However, over the years I found that through the pride of their hearts, most professing Christians became appalled at me for even suggesting such a thing; to them I say, remember the Apostle Paul, who was one who was above most of his peers in the knowledge of Scripture, had to be knocked off his high horse (donkey) and be blinded before he could really see himself spiritually; that’s right, he became blind, because in the pride of his heart he “thought” he could see.

Professing Christian, the writing is on the wall, in this late hour, please prayerfully look within before Almighty God causes you to believe the great delusion, because in the pride of your heart you refused the need and simplicity of Almighty God’s Gospel message; saying within your heart, I will determine what’s good for me; in essence, placing yourself in the seat of Almighty God.

A Watchman Cries Out,
Minister Raymond D. Sopp

Website: www.SoppMinistries.org