The Shift:

At the beginning (1996), I had a very powerful vision of my calling as Almighty God’s Watchman, however, it took a couple of years to see clearly how it would all come to pass. This was also the case with seeing the shift in this ministry’s direction, being I gave the last warning to the Church at-large with our Blog post below: The Threshold. However unlike the first time I inherently knew, due to the lateness of the hour, this clarification would come very quickly and this shift will finish very quickly.

Although, there have been several times in this ministry I would tear up, this past Friday morning (January 22, 2016) I sobbed, knowing this ministry’s shift had begun. This Monday morning (January 25, 2016) I saw clearly what it all meant. Starting in Revelation 3:14, is the revelation of the last stage of the church age, it begun by showing the condition of the Church at-large. This revelation puts forth a very powerful word picture of the last warning to the Church at-large; . . . because you’re lukewarm I will vomit you out of My mouth. Nevertheless, it ends with our precious Lord’s last plea; . . . I stand at the door and knock.

This ministry will also finish its work through the power of the Holy Spirit by knocking on the door of as many hearts as we can. To do this, we will focus our efforts on our book: The Portrait of a Christian. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, this ministry unknowingly finished our warnings with a very powerful word picture as well, our Blog post below, The Threshold, what a beautiful picture of our Lord standing at the door.

May our precious Lord use this ministry to knock on as many hearts as possible!

Written with a sober heart,
Watchman/Minister Raymond D. Sopp