The Vision:

The vision given to me on February 1, 2016: I saw a vast number of cars, a number too vast to count; these cars ignored all the warning signs, then finally went around the physical barrier; the signs and barrier were all placed to warn of a deadly cliff looming just ahead. I sobbed as I saw the profound danger as the distance between the cliff and the barrier was very short, but I could not measure its distance.

I then found myself standing between the barrier and the deadly cliff knocking on the windows of as many cars as I could, yet just a very few rolled down their window to hear my plea of the danger which lay just ahead. I was brokenhearted; also, I could not see any of their faces.

The interpretation: The cars represented the mere-professing Christian who ignored all the warning signs placed before them, even going around the last barrier. This did cause me to sob; however, this also caused me – compelled me to knock on as many windows as I could, yet only the humble of heart would roll down their window to hear a last plea to stop, as the deadly cliff loomed just ahead.

That said, I could not measure this distance between the last barrier and the deadly cliff, because only our heavenly Father knew this distance; however, I did know intuitively that after the last barrier was breached, the distance had to be very short.

As my Lord knocked on the door of the Laodicea church, I now was to knock on the windows of the cars, as the deadly cliff loomed just ahead; yet, I could not see the faces as I was not allowed to judge the individual.

The Solemn Plea: After the vision, I knew His plea was the book He had me write, The Portrait of a Christian. This book took more than five years to write, as every word had to be prayed over – for a total of six years to finally publish it. Knowing this writing was far beyond my abilities, my acknowledgment in the book read: To God be the Glory!

How all this will take place I do not know; however, I do know that the means will come supernaturally, and I must keep my hands off as this is my Lord’s plea – not my plea. May He give this servant the strength and courage to deny myself and take up my cross so I will not interfere in any way with His work.

This book can be read for free through our website, and most Internet Browsers will now translate the chapters into most of the major languages. This book is also available anywhere books are sold, both as a paperback and as an ebook; all royalties from this book are paid directly to this ministry, and no one in this ministry takes a salary. This book needs to be read in the order it’s written – at least for the first time.

A solemn plea from His servant,
Watchman Raymond D. Sopp