Prophet: Election: November 9, 2016:

For more than twenty years this Watchman has been warning the professing Christian to take a second look at their salvation, due to the words found within Almighty God’s Word – as the darkness began to fill the void left by the light; my Blog post of May 2008 warned of the fall of the USA and the world in general; this was met with both laugher and scorn; will my warning – Email/Blog – to the world on November 5, 2016 and to the Church at-large on November 7, 2016 be met with the same laugher and scorn?

This past year we saw the complete crumbling of the moral foundation of this once great christian nation; however, instead of repentance – looking toward Almighty God for the cure of this fatal disease – we looked toward a man, showing the willingness within hearts to look toward fallen-mankind for relief from the very painful symptoms, again according to Almighty God’s Word concerning the End-Times – the Last-Days.

This past year I also found that I was now rejected even by my closest christian friends as I became more and more passionate – realizing the time was growing short; even though their heads shook yes, their words and actions showed unbelief concerning my warnings – my calling; yes, hearts began to harden which is why I began to say: “Who will believe the message?”

Two of my closest christian friends even thought I had a brain-tumor, or I was struggling with some spiritual issues as I passionately confronted the issue of separation when a church placed a greater value on church size and income rather than the Gospel; heartbroken, I did find some solace from my heavenly Father as He led me to Acts 26:24-29.

As I and this ministry move into Ezekiel 3:27, I will remain passionate – regardless of the consequences; even as I say again within my heart: “Who will believe the message?”

This past year I could not understand what was happening to me; however, I continued to move forward in faith – saying often as I looked in the mirror: “Who am I, Lord?” I now know my heavenly Father was only preparing my heart for this day and hour so I would not be tempted to quit in the face of rejection, nor to come close to touching His glory.

To God be the Glory,
Watchman Raymond D. Sopp