Doctrinal Statement

Raymond D. Sopp International Ministries
May, 1996

We believe: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three different and distinct individuals. Each having their own distinct responsibilities in the God head, also known as the Trinity. However, all three remain as one, equal in stature, and in the Holy Scriptures known as God.

Similar to marriage, as in two becoming one-flesh and at the same time remaining distinct as two, each having different responsibilities in the family, but are not defined by their responsibilities. Therefore, they both remain in stature as equals. However, concerning the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit there is one major difference, they did not 'become' one, they have eternally been one.

We believe: God came to earth through the virgin birth and was conceived by the Holy Spirit. God came to earth in the flesh and is known as Jesus in the Holy Scriptures. This same Jesus was always with God and nothing came into existence without Him and He was God.

We believe: Jesus came to save the sinner, not the self-righteous. Just as John the Baptist paved the road to salvation by his preaching of the baptism of repentance, we can only find the cross and salvation by the confession of our sins and acknowledging our need for a Savior.

We believe: Salvation is found only in the blood of God's Son Jesus by accepting His death on the cross as atonement for our sins. Our salvation is by God's grace and cannot be obtained by our works. We are not only saved by grace, but we are also kept by that same grace. We cannot gain salvation by our works and we cannot stay saved by our works.

We believe: Our old nature (spirit) became dead to God through the disobedience of one (Adam) and now made alive again 'born-again' through the obedience of another (Jesus). If and only if we accept Jesus as our Lord and our Savior, which is the work of God unto our salvation.

We believe: Being ‘born-again’ is a supernatural work of God of the most majestic kind. The definition of the phrase ‘born-again’ is the replacing of our old dead fallen spirit within us with God’s Holy Spirit. That being the situation, we cannot continue to sin, i.e., stay in a sin, because of God’s Holy Seed (Spirit) who now dwells within us.

We believe: Once we are ‘born-again’ we cannot forfeit our salvation by our works, or Christ’s death would then be proven inadequate for the task. However, by our works we will either enter heaven triumphantly as one who overcame this sinful world through holiness, or enter heaven ravaged as by fire with only the smell of hell’s smoke lingering – nothing of value remaining.

We believe: The Holy Scriptures (The Bible) are the complete word of God, inspired by God, without error, and contains everything we need for life and godliness in this fallen world.

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